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Serafim Figueiral Rebelo

Serafim Figueiral Rebelo

Appointed by the Portuguese Order of Nurses

Born in Penso - Sernancelhe.

Specialist in Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing.

Registered Nurse. Worked in Clinical Practice and Management in the Centro Hospitalar Aveiro Sul, in the Hospital Distrital de Viseu and in the Hospital de São Marcos - Braga.

Was Director of Nursing in the Hospital de São Marcos - Braga, of the Centro Hospitalar do Médio Ave, EPE and was a Member of the Board of Directors of the Administração Regional de Saúde do Norte. Was President and Vowel with voting powers in more than twenty processes of admission and access to the National Health Service.

Since 2016 is the President of the Jurisdictional Board of the Portuguese Order of Nurses.

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