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Rosalvo Almeida

Rosalvo Almeida

Appointed by the Government

Degree in Medicine, Porto (1970). Specialist in Neurology by the Ordem dos Médicos (1979). Competence in Electroencephalography/Clinical Neurophysiology by the OM (1984). Hospital Consultant (1989). Master's degree course in Public Health, with approval, without dissertation, ICBAS/FMP (1996-98). Post-graduation in Medical Law, Faculty of Law, University of Coimbra (2002-03). Neurologist at the Gaia Hospital (1979-91), clinical neurophysiologist at the Hospital S.t Sebastian, Feira (2001-05), private and contracted neurologist/ electrophysiologist at Gaia (1980/85-2005). Regional coordinator of the Citizen's Offices at Northern Health Administration (2005-2008). Member of the ethics committees of the Neurological Portuguese Society (2000-03), H. S.t Sebastian, Feira (2002-05), ARS Norte (2009-11) and Instituto de Saúde Pública, University of Porto (2013-16). Member of the National Ethics Council for Life Sciences (2009-14). Retired (2008). Medal of Distinguished Services ("gold" grade) from the Ministry of Health (2010). Listening student of the graduation courses in Philosophy, Faculty of Arts, University of Porto (2014-16).

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