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Francisca Avillez

Francisca Avillez

Appointed by the Portuguese Biologists Association

Degree in Biology. Master’s Degree in Public Health. Retired. Member of the Directing Council of the Portuguese Blood Institute (2009-2006), Deputy Director of the National Institute of Health Ricardo Jorge (2006-2004) and Deputy Director of the National Commission for the Fight against AIDS (2004-2001). She was also the Coordinator of the Laboratory of Virology and the AIDS Reference Laboratory of the Ricardo Jorge Institute. Founding member and administrator of the Portuguese Foundation "The Community against AIDS" (1996-1994). Ethics Board of the Order of Biologists (2012-2002). Member, V Mandate of the National Council of Ethics for the Life Sciences (2015-2020). Member of the INSA Ethics Committee (2016-2020; 2020-…). She has 52 papers published in the field of Virology / AIDS. Prize Ricardo Jorge (1984) and 2nd Prize Sigma (1985).

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