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Ana Paula Martins

Ana Paula Martins

Appointed by the Portuguese Pharmaceutical Society

 Ana Paula Martins has a degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences (Faculty of Pharmacy - University of Lisbon), a Master's degree in Epidemiology (NOVA Medical School) and a PhD in Clinical Pharmacy (Faculty of Pharmacy - University of Lisbon). She is Assistant Professor at Faculty of Pharmacy - University of Lisbon and President of the Portuguese Pharmaceutical Society since 2016. 

Among other jobs, Ana Paula Martins was Director of External Affairs and Market Access (MSD Portugal), Director of the Centre for Pharmacoepidemiology Studies (The National Association of Pharmacies) and Secretary General of the Portuguese Pharmaceutical Society. She was, also, advisor to the Minister of Education, and to the Minister of State and Parliamentary Affairs (Program to Combat Drug Addiction and to Promote Health in the School Environment). 

Ana Paula Martins coordinates the Pharmacovigilance Unit in Lisboa Setúbal and Santarém. She is a member of the Portuguese and French Academies of Pharmacy. Ana Paula Martins is, also, a member of the jury of the Sustainable Health Award, Gilead Génese Award, João Cordeiro Award, Hintt Awards, Tecnigen Award for Community Pharmacies, Aluíseo Marques Leal Award for Hospital Pharmacists, Angelini University Awards. 

Since September 2020, Ana Paula Martins is Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Lisbon for the term 2020-2024.

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