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Jorge Soares

Jorge Soares


MD PhD ?Director of Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon, Head of Health and Human Development Department, (2009-12) and Gulbenkian Programme for Innovation in Health (2012-) ?Professor of Pathology, Lisbon Medical School (2006-13) ?Director of the Pathology Department of Lisbon Cancer Institute (1985-2009) ?Director of the Institute of Forensic Sciences at Lisbon (2001-03) ?Professor of Legal Medicine and Ethics, Lisbon Medical School (2001-03) ?Professor of Pathology, Medical Sciences Faculty (1996-2006) ?Member (chair 27) of the Academy of Medicine of Portugal and Academico Correspondiente de la Real Academia Nacional de España (1999) ?Member of ?Conselho Nacional de Ética para as Ciências da Vida? (2003-08) ?National Expert at the 3rd ?Europe Against Cancer? Council of the European Union ?Chairman of the Steering Committee - Pathology Group of the Organization of European Cancer Institutes, 1997-99 ?Member of the Scientific Council for Health Sciences - Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia, 2005-09 and Chairman, 2013- ?Past-President of the Portuguese Society of Pathology (1997-99), Portuguese Society of Senology (2004-06), and Sociedade das Ciências Médicas de Lisboa (2003-05) ?Member of the Governing Board of the Program Harvard Medical School-Portugal, 2011- ?Chairman of the External Committee for the Quality in Education, Public Health Nacional School, 2011- ?Areas of scientific interest: oncology, head
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