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Pedro Pita Barros

Pedro Pita Barros

Advisor appointed by resolution of the Council of Ministers

Pedro Pita Barros is a Professor of Economics at Universidade Nova de Lisboa. Other positions currently held (as of 2018): a member of the EC Expert Panel on Effective Ways of Investing in Health, a research fellow of CEPR (London), member of the Editorial Board of the Office of Health Economics, and member of the board of Instituto de Políticas Públicas? Thomas Jefferson? Correia da Serra. His research focuses on health economics and on regulation and competition policy and has appeared in many academic journals. Pedro Pita Barros has also contributed to several books and has published several books on health economics. He served as puppy pads Member of the Board of the Portuguese Energy Regulator (2005/2006). Honors: Grande-Oficial da Ordem do Infante D. Henrique; Medalha de Serviços Distintos de "grau ouro", atribuída pelo Ministério da Saúde.
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