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-Opinion 81/CNECV/2014 on Government Bill no. 219/XII, which makes the first amendment to Law no. 36/2013 of 12 June 2013, which approves the regime for guaranteeing the quality and safety of human organs for transplantation into the human body

transplants quality safety Lucília Nunes João Ramalho 2014

-Opinion 80/CNECV/2014 on the vulnerabilities of elderly people, especially of those who reside in institutions

vulnerability elderly persons old age ageing retirement homes human rights Rita Lobo Xavier Rosalvo Almeida 2014

-Opinion 78/CNECV/2014 on a Code of Ethics for the Health Sector

Code of Ethics Health Sector Miguel Oliveira da Silva MIchel Renaud Cíntia Águas 2014

-Opinion 77/CNECV/2014 on Bioethics and Mental Health

Mental Health health policies Lucília Nunes Maria de Sousa 2014

-Opinion 76/CNECV/2013 on the Ministerial Order regarding organ removal in people with irreversible cardiopulmonary arrest

Transplants organs deceased donor Rosalvo Almeida Duarte Nuno Vieira 2013

-Opinion 75/CNECV/2013 on the Draft bill No. 146/XII (2nd) Approves the Law of Clinical Investigation

Clinical Investigation Clinical trials Michel Renaud Miguel Oliveira da Silva Cíntia Águas 2013

-Opinion 74/CNECV/2013 on the additional protocol to the Convention on Human Rights and Biomedicine with regard to Biomedical Research

convention biomedicine Oviedo additional protocol biomedical research Rita Lobo Xavier 2013

-Opinion 73/CNECV/2013 on the Additional Protocol to the Convention on Human Rights and Biomedicine concerning Transplantation of Organs and tissues of Human Origin

convention biomedicine Oviedo additional protocol transplants organs tissues Rita Lobo Xavier 2013

-Opinion 72/CNECV/2013and Recommendations concerning Declaration of Interest and Conflict of Interest in Health and Biomedical Research

declaration of interest conflict of interesest health biomedical research Ana Sofia Carvalho João Ramalho Santos Miguel Oliveira da Silva 2013

-Opinion 71/CNECV/2013 on the Practice of Nursing in Specific Contexts

Health Healthcare Prenatal Care Nurse Nursing Prehospital Emergency Care Miguel Oliveira da Silva Michel Renaud 2013

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