NEW RELEASE: ONE HEALTH: One Planet, One Health, One Ethic

ONE HEALTH: One Planet, One Health, One Ethic aims to help raise awareness of the interdependence of all living people and their habitats in sharing a single planet, to the mutual benefit of everyone's health and to the need for new ways of relating to humans, non-humans and the environment. 

It is an approach that requires scientific-technical knowledge about human and animal health, ecology, but also other knowledge about social, legal, economic and behavioural issues, to which is added the structuring of ethical reflection; it also requires dialogue at the level of the scientific communities involved, but also with different types of state and non-state organisations and individual citizens. 

In this book, the National Council for Ethics in the Life Sciences brings together contributions from different experts who focus on possible definitions of "One Health" and the shortcomings of the concept, the success of this perspective in analysing concrete problems and formulating new approaches, the challenges that this strategy raises and the difficulties in implementing it.

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