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Inauguration of the VI Mandate of the National Ethics Council for Life Sciences

Inauguration of the VI Mandate of the National Ethics Council for Life Sciences

On 21 July 2021, the Members of the National Council of Ethics for the Life Sciences - CNECV took office before His Excellency the President of the Assembly of the Portuguese Republic for a five- year mandate.

The CNECV is an independent advisory body to the Assembly of the Republic, s an independent consulting body that works with the Parliament and whose mission is to analyse the ethical issues raised by scientific progress in the fields of biology, medicine or health in general and in the life sciences.

Official Ceremony

VI Mandate composition

Members elected by the Assembly of the Republic:

  • Miguel Oliveira da Silva
  • Isabel Margarida de Figueiredo Silvestre
  • Luís António Proença Duarte Madeira
  • André Gonçalo Dias Pereira
  • Maria do Céu Patrão Neves
  • Carlos Maurício Barbosa

Members appointed by other entities:

  • José Miguel Ribeiro de Castro Guimarães (Medical Association)
  • Serafim Figueiral Rebelo (Nurses’ Association)
  • Miguel Bernardo Ricou da Costa Macedo (Psychologists’ Association)
  • Maria Francisca Trigueiros Acciaioli de Avillez Corsino Caldeira (Biologists’ Association)
  • Ana Paula Mecheiro de Almeida Martins Silvestre Correia (Pharmacists Association)
  • Sandra Cristina Horta da Silva Poeira (Bar Association)
  • José Manuel Pereira de Almeida (Council of Deans of the Portuguese Universities)
  • Jorge Soares (Lisbon Academy of Sciences)
  • Rui Manuel Lopes Nunes (technical-scientific committee of the Medical-Legal Council of the National Institute of Forensic Medicine)
  • João Ramalho de Sousa Santos (Foundation for Science and Technology)

Members appointed by resolution of the Council of Ministers:

  • Rosalvo Almeida
  • Boaventura de Sousa Santos
  • Paula Pinto de Freitas
  • Inês Fernandes Godinho
  • Inês Santos Estevinho Fronteira
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