Position Statement by CNECV

The COVID-19 pandemic poses an unparalleled global health challenge. Ethical decision-making should appropriately guide the implementation of socially sustainable measures. Cooperation and solidarity, integrity and respect for vulnerability are called for at different levels and with different expressions.

On 3 April, the Portuguese National Council on Ethics for the Life Sciences (CNECV) issued a Position Statement on the relevant ethical aspects concerning the public health emergency situation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, which has since been referred to the international bioethics community and directed to the President of the Portuguese Republic, the Portuguese Parliament and the higher health authorities. The CNECV highlighted:

Attention to the values of life and human dignity

Permanent and continued ethical review of established measures

Ensuring up-to-date, accurate, clear, complete and transparent information

Strengthening solidarity

Promoting the adequate use of health resources

Protecting healthcare professionals

Strengthening Science and scientific research

Affirming values of social justice and equity

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