International events

CNECV International Seminar - "One Health, One Ethics", 3 November 2023

The One Health concept recognises the need to approach health policies and practices from a perspective of interdependence and compromise between people, animals, and the environment. From this perspective, ethical questions emerge about the goodness of the concept and the practices of its implementation in the pursuit of better health for people and the planet.

Human and animal health and the protection of ecosystems intersect in the search for a common language and practice capable of proposing global sustainability strategies, which will be reflected in the exercise of citizenship, health, and the training of future generations.

The calendar of initiatives dedicated to this theme has culminated with the CNECV's annual seminar on the "World One Health Day" declaration of action - 3 November 2023, at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon.

A publication on the topic, with contributions from the experts invited to participate in this reflection, has also been released, as one of the first comprehensive manuals on One Health issues to be edited in Portuguese.

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